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I have struggled for many, many years to stay clean. My addiction has pretty much cost me EVERYTHING

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October 15, 2012, 4:43 am
Scribbles from a Spiritual Slacker
Part I.
Toto, I don't think we're in Brooklyn Anymore!!
Well, after the sturm und drang, the angst, the uncertainty, the anxiety, the vacillation all the stuff I went through, put myself through and inflicted on others, I arrived safely. I arrived having left a disaster of a room, after packing poorly and haphazardly and really no safety net to speak of, I arrived by Krishna's mercy, whole, safe somewhat sane even!
The trip started with me truly regretting the volume of luggage I chose to bring, and marveling that in my crazy attachment I thought I could actually bring more stuff! I was of course to cheap to spend $5.00 to rent a cart @ JFK, and as soon as I go there, I found the disconcerting news, the flight was cancelled! So there was an amount of waiting around for an official from the airway to appear, and more waiting for them to decide what to do, which was to put us on another London bound flight and have London worry about the connection. My anxiety was, Will I get to Delhi in time to meet my ride? This question provided a scintillating suopcon of suspense for many hours to come. My cane came in very handy there as it promoted me to the rank of officially handicapped and crippled and instead of standing for an hour or more, I got to sit in a wheelchair and get pushed around! I felt such a fraud! I should have taken dvantage of this status @ Heathrow, where I fell completely behind the group of transferees, limping along as best I could, asking frantically, which way they had turned when I lost sight of them completely. I also ran afoul of security at Heathrow for trying to take on too large a quantity of such lethal substances as toothpaste, shaving cream, and mosquito repellant. All these items were confiscated! I am sure England is sleeping sounder! My cripple status did serve me well in New Delhi, where I completely got to skip the hundred plus person immigration line and was wheeled straight to the "Special Needs" desk where I got immediate and rapid processing! I piled all my stupid stuff on a cart (only JFK charges you!) and went outside where a man was holding up a sign saying "Bhakta Michael" so all the worrying was of course for naught.
At about 7:30 A.M. we arrived in Vrindavan where I was shown my Rent Free !!!! room and I promptly went to sleep! Awaking later I walked around my new hood, staying out a little later than I had planned and despite trying to memorize landmarks and such, I got lost! How utterly predictable!
Fortunately I found someone who could understand me well enough to point me to the right door. And fortunately there were other volunteers to open the door as I struggled with the unfamiliar key.
My room (did I mention it is RENT FREE!!!!!) is small but not so much smaller than where I lived in Brooklyn and the bathroom is actually bigger. This room has the Indian peculiarity of not having a separate shower stall, the whole bathroom is one big shower. There are no closets, but the bed has several compartments and there is a small cupboard so I'm able to to store my stupid stuff away. One of my character defects I need to desperately work on (just ask my poor landlady!) is my complete slovenliness. So far so good. Unfortunately my low frustration tolerance for gadgets and such remains intact.
There is no school on Sunday and today was a holiday so I mostly been resting. I didn't sleep well on Wed. and not at all from NYC to London so combined with normal jet lag I have been exhausted. I've gone to the ISKCON Krishna Balaram temple twice and out to the school yesterday where I ate prasadam and met a few potential students. They were quite intrigued by me! I have not yet met the director or his assistant, Sri Radika, who I have corresponded with. Today I took a spine jolting rickshaw drive out to the Yamuna river and came here.
So what is Vrindavan like? (pardons here to mthose who know it well) It is fortunate that I have been to India before, so none of the generalities are particularly shocking or amazing; the open sewers, the stray dogs, cows, pigs, the dust and garbage. But, I did not expect that there would be luxury condos springing up every where nor that the road in front of the ISKCON temple would be so choked with cars and shops. I did expect a more open pastoral type of setting. In truth, I have not yet discerned the spiritual nature of this place. Hopefully that will come with time.
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December 1, 2012, 11:37 pm
Really, I don't mean to complain ( all right I DO mean to complain, at least a little) but it is interesting how what we take for granted as routine, ordinary, unremarkable, commonplace and
quotidian is anything but routine, ordinary,
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