By: iamachristian13
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Date: Dec 04, 2012
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How does this social media help you connect with friends?

For me, it gives me an avenue to share and explore recovery attitudes. It can give me a "base line' attitude to compare with to see if my recovery is strong or if I have some areas to work on. It also is a place I can go to be with others who have struggled or are struggling with the same issues as me where "experience, strength, and hope" can be shared. Where we can help "pick some body up' or give "a pat on the back".
I look forward to meeting anyone and everyone!
I chose addiction tribe for an assignment on social media but plan to stay here. I believe Addiction Tribe to be a wonderful recovery tool and for myself, I'll accept all the "tools" I can!


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From: Tammy123
February 16, 2013, 11:32 pm

Hi. I like what you said. I,m looking for a different start to recover from pills now,(was alcohol most of my 20-30s). AA meetings are to crazy for me to handle. I have a hard time talking to someone in person about my addiction too. I too want to try to make this a daily tool.


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From: Mazzy_M
December 14, 2012, 4:37 am

You're absolutely right!! This is a wonderful place to strengthen your recovery & measure your progress. This is why I have come back to the tribe after my relapse.. It's 4 months for me now & I know from years on this site that this is where I will get the support & help I need to maintain my recovery..

Reaching out is what we ALL must do.. I pray to God to release me from the bondage of myself.. I believe you also do this my friend & also like me, go to anything lengths to keep the gift that was so easily given..   To God be all the glory..  Mazzy :)


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