How Drugged Driving Contributes to Traffic Deaths

By: MikeWilson
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Date: Dec 16, 2013
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Drugs and driving are two things that should never be mixed. When mixed they contribute towards number of traffic deaths in the world. When driving under the influence of drugs, you may have difficulties in deciding how much space and time is required to bring a car to a complete stop which leads to slow reaction time and fatal accident may occur. Drugged drivers increase to swerve on the road giving rise to confusion to other drivers leading towards collision with other vehicles. Drugs cause dizziness especially if you have to concentrate on particular activity like driving. An unfortunate side effect of drugs is the false sense of control; you fail to realize that your concentration is impaired. You will only realize this when it is too late to act.When you are drugged and driving, you see in ‘doubles’. This means that it is an uphill task to accurately estimate distance let alone determining the speed you are driving at. If you or someone you know is on drugs and is making an attempt to operate a vehicle, opt the smart thing and say “no”. As not only are they at risk but other motorists on the road are put at risk as well.