Ignored by doctors and resulting to cutting

By: NarcoticCocktail
Mood: Frustrated
Date: Apr 03, 2013
Music: None

No f@cking doctor ever listens to me. I'm fully against antidepressants for myself because I always get bad side effects and they're a lot more dangerous than you think. They're addicting, long enough use makes you not care about anything and I already feel that way so god knows what that would do to me, and comedowns off then are worse than kicking opiates. I have severe stress/anxiety/add issues that CAUSE depression. All I need is my benzos, and add meds. I already want to die but disagree with suicide and ssris have made me so bad I plan and obtain materials to kill myself. I'd rather poss. be addicted to benzos than feel like that. Now because of not being listened too and the side effects of the ssri I'm on now I have cut myself all over to deal with stress. 25+ cuts with scalpel blades all over my legs, hands, and arms. I work in a surgery department and with animals so I've been able to hide or "explain" then all. I really need to resolve this sh*t with doctors before y cuts become obvious as to what they really are or kill myself.f@ck government, f@ck DEA, f@ck doctors, f@ck society, and most of all f@ck life. All humans should die and let the animals take back THEIR rightful planet.