By: bornirie
Mood: Impressed
Date: Jan 16, 2014
Music: Zero 7 - Somersault

So, it *is* possible to kick- and I mean, really- to feel human again....

I am grateful, humbled, and taking-life-not-in-vain..(no pun intended : P )
I did the loperamide 24, then 12, then 6mg with a day between 12 and 6.. today I have been *truly* TRULY clean for two days...and my METABOLISM is back to "normal".. I am warm without having to warm myself up.. and I remember this- one day, in jail, all of a sudden, I was warm.. after a month and a half of torturous chill, I had gained some weight back and started feeling ALIVE again.

William S. Burroughs says that junk makes you into a plant. you're no longer part of the human species, but you regress to this "safe", non-animalistic state.. no desires, no sexual urges, no pain.. and it hurts, becoming human.. birth is not exactly "pretty".. So. there you go. ...but it DOES GET BETTER. thank god!!!!

Much Love and support to you, all.
<3 (((((((hugssss)))))))



January 18, 2014, 7:48 am

Like you I am newly sober after nearly 18 years of abusing many substances. After nine days clean I feel like a new person. I went to the movies last night for the first time in years and really enjoyed it. Everyday the fog lifts a little more and everyday I feel more and more like the man I was prior to the joyless world of isolation I ended up in and recently emerged from. Just remeber, we are not normal, we will never be normal again, we have a disease that has changed us forever. That being said, we can live a normal life and we can learn to love, be loved, and find joy in the world around us once again. Keep up the good fight and find yourself a meeting. I thought they were total BS but you really learn a lot, meet some great people, and find yourself feeling better and better after each meeting. That's my expierence anyway.

And allways remeber to keep it you have to give it away and together we can accomplish ALL things.


To Keep it You Have to Give it Away