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By: jjrocksarizona
Mood: Full of life
Date: Aug 02, 2013
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Dear friends and family, I have mentioned that after being in chornic pain for over 30 years from accidents, to sports injuries, 4 Heart attacks, Triple By-Pass, A Stent Placement and two roto-rooter jobs on my heart., I had Upper Spinal Surgery In 2005. They Fused Disc c-2 and C-3. they put a plate and 4 brass screws on C-4 and C-5 which is right behind your voice box. Plus being a full blown Diabetic who lives on an "Animas" insulin pump 24/7. but i have 24 years and a couple of weeks clean and i made the choice of taking Opiates the rest of my life and Kill my Kidneys and Liver or get a medicinal Marijuana card and do what makes me feel best. You can call it a relapse if you want, But I have done a lot of meditation on this. I have cut my opiates to 4 a day where i was doing 8 a day. I smoke pot 3 times a day. I get to where I fell relaxed and that's it. My Personal Dr. and NUrse have signed onto to help me. I have to have Left rotator cuff sewn back together again. My left arm sticks up 5 inches so I look like Arnold on one side and Pee Fee Freaking Herman on the other. I also have a frozen right shoulder that might need to have the entire shoulder joint re-placed. so I am Fine in case you were wondering. I still live a 12 step Life i STILL DO 12 Calls. wok the program don't let it work you. the only Gram is the Program. thanks for all your love and prayers,


Big NA Hugs,




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