Still going strong

By: smoore
Mood: Happy
Date: Jun 26, 2013
Music: None

Hello everyone its been awhile since ive been here. Everything has been going very well. Right now i am happy and have some inner peace. Things have been going good for me and my husband and our family. It has been about four months now since i last got high. And i feel wonderful. It has gotten better as time goes on. Im too the point now that when i think of getting high it just gives me a sick feeling to my stomach and the thoughts seem to be getting less and less which is great. i have been able to do so many things that i could not do before. Im saving money, making sure bills are paid. Ive been able to do things for my children that i couldnt do before. And its such a good feeling that i can say ive spent my money on meaningful things and being responsible instead of blowing thru hundreds of dollars in one night and feeling stupid and beating myself up the nest day. Im setting goals for myself my attitude is much more positive now and i feel that im meant to do some really good things. My puzzle pieces are finally falling into place. The thing that has helped me the most is improving my relationship and faith in god. He has given me the strength to make it thru and i have made him apart of everything in my life and its a wonderful feeling. Everyone stay strong your worth fighting for.