Trying To Sober Up After Years Of Addiction

By: Bresha
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Date: Feb 13, 2013
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Pardon the fact that I'm new here, and this being my first post. It's that just of last week Wednesday, a few staggering events led to me wanting to reach sobriety after about three and a half years of addiction (keep In mind I'm seventeen). I've done weed, hards, beer, Oxycodine, Xanax, Bennadryl, dillies, Bella Donnas, and all anomaly of other things I can't name right now. The pills and weed served to be some of the most addicting for me. I used to consume anywhere from 20 to 60 or so pills a week at one point, and when I quit I would go through withdrawls, become very itchy and scratch my body untill there were scratch marks all over my body and hallucinated that bugs would crawl all over me, I assume they were withdrawls (it looked liked I needed an exorcism).


Thus, I decided I want to become completely sober for me, but most importantly my family.Eighteen is right around the corner, and I'm sure I'll only dig myself more into the hole if I don't soberup and get myact together. I've never talkedto anycouncelor,consulted any doctor, or been to anysupport group thing or anything atall. Itook the first steps I could think of, and tossed all thethings I have. My weed, lighter,and even my eighty dollar bong.I've said before that I'd sober up, endingin failure in a matter of days. I have no ideawhat I should do, or whatsteps I should take.Although my family knows(being caught for the nth time is what made me want to become completely sober in the fist place) they're not the type to openly talk about these things, let alone take me to some councelor or support group. When I got busted, I got a stern talking to, and that's about it. Not saying I have a bad family, I just think my dad is as lost as I am on what we should do, or what the right steps are.


So, my last resort is to go to this online support site I stumbled across on. I'd love any advice, help, or anything at all.





A lost teen




From: Tammy123
February 20, 2013, 11:48 am

I chose to see a couselor on my own. I keep thinking the support from family is going to come and it doesn't. I also wanted the support from boyfriends Iv'e had over the years, just to get involved in my recovery, and I never got it. But, I'm not in control of their actions. I keep believing its my intolerable behavior that got them in that way of deciding that they will not show that they care about me and the worst I've done is yell at them for not talking to me. But I'm pretty sure its that these people are getting away with their bad behavior towards me, because they say they are my... boyfriend, and family. When they knew I was struggling to continually stay sober and relapsing,from hospital stays to AA meetings, to counselors and so on, without any of them mentioning it to me or wanting to talk about any of it when I try to talk with them or visiting me at my apartment or the hospital.. Theres one thing if your parents are not knowing what to do, and there is another, them not trying to help you and actually being there for you by blocking it out of their minds, which, is a big WRONG on their part. And is most likely a big reason you have looked at drugs in the first place. People in this day and age know addiction is a mental illness, they should read up on it. Its their responsibility as a role model parent.It sounds like the worst thing you have done is get caught using the drugs. Thats not somthing that calls for yelling thats somthing that calls for help. Where are they?



February 15, 2013, 8:37 pm

 Hello dear,

first I want to start out with, I've been there dude! I know how f@cking sh*tty it is, and I've been spending the 2 years battling my addiction. You can mae it out of this, seriously. And I'm here to talk to you anytime! I'm 18, and I've been in treatment for 2 years. I really hope you get the help you need my love.



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February 13, 2013, 10:44 am
Best wishes to you in your journey to complete sobriety. Stay strong and keep fighting back. I havent personally struggled with alcohol or drug addiction but im here to talk with you if need it anyway!