By: fay33
Mood: Anxious
Date: Nov 26, 2012
Music: A fine frenzy

So I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for here... probably just accountability and reflection. I'm disappointed in my behavior. I've never had that much of an issue, usually I can have 2 drinks and call it a night. Lately I've been depressed due to my family situation, the stress it causes me and the effort to just move forward each day has been a bit much to handle. My husband and I are in the military. He has severe PTSD, he doesn't live with me and the little one, nor does he pay support. He does however see the little one about 5 days a month, which I'm greatful for. Anyway.. I blacked out once this weekend, horrible binge and mostly my fault for only eating once that day and the day prior, yup make that I ate once each day for 4 days. It's like when my little one goes to dad's, I just forget to take care of myself. I have 2 balanced meals and 2 snacks when I have her, but the moment she leaves, it's like I can just forget that I'm also responsible for myself.