day 4

By: soberman
Mood: Impressed
Date: Jul 02, 2014
Music: hill songs

Day 4 yes yes yes I got though another day and also not one smoke felling like I can do anything at this moment, really proud of myself im just going to keep on improving, so I sat down and set up a list of goals today ok 1) stop coffie 2) stop gas cool drinks 3) stop sweets and junk food 4) drink more water 5) eat healthy 6) gym daily 7) ready bible daily . Thats the start of my goals I know its basic but im taking one step at a time and will achieve victory. Am I pushing to hard nooooo im pushing to little I can do anything I put my mind too. Ive kept to all ive said so far so why give up now doing so good, so get though this and then up the anti once again :)