day 60

By: smoore
Mood: Sad
Date: May 01, 2013
Music: None

I finally have made it 60 days. But today im happy and kinda sad. im happy for making it this long. sad because today i found out that a friend of mine passed away from a massive heart attack. She was 34 a year older than me with two little children. And was struggling with the same thing ive been dealing with. We would sometimes get high together. and we would always say how it has to be something better than this drug thing we dloing. and that we would stop. she would always tell me do the drugs dont let the drugs do you. we both knew that to keep going the way we were going it could end up taken us out this world. i knew that i didnt want to die like that. and its a part of me that wish it was something i could have to help her open her eyes to help stop before its too late. and now im sitting here in shock and disbelief. but she is in a better place now. and i will truly miss her very much.