family crisis!!! help!!!

By: solostnow
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Date: Nov 28, 2012
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This is a tough one. Through my depression, anxiety, and addiction, I have been helping my daughter on her road to recovery. She ended.up on mail.for.several months, doing things under the influence that landed her there. Two weeks ago, she started a court mandated transitional residencal recovery program. She was enjoying her meetings, but having a tough time not seeking out a pill. I've been a hypocrite. She needs a strong mom. And I am.weak. she was forced into being clean. I just admitted to being addicted. Last night she self harmed...she busted a wall with her fist, cut and burned her leg with a knife and lighter, and took over 10 of her muscle.relaxers. I like to know how these things were so accessible and staff was not. Today she ran away.twice. and I met.up with her and took her back...eventually...she got put.of the car at a.light. I.was told if I had not done that, taken her back to rehab, she would've gotten her bond revoked and gone back to jail. She admits to being lost. Losing hope. Wanting of to end. I have a advocate for her mental health along with center. I have this while I am secretly hiding the fact I need to be in treatment to detox. Now. But she needs am such a hypocrite!!!! My family iS falling apart. I don't know how I am gonna stay focused at the meeting between my not using, my depression, my anxiety. Any advice???????????



December 9, 2012, 10:16 pm

 Hi, I feel you should deal with your own issues and your daughter needs to do her own. Let her take her consequenses. She's still doin what she's doin cause she hasn't had to feel the full effect of the consequenses cause you help her out of it. She needs to hit her bottom to really want recovery. You take care of you- how can you really be a help to anyone if you can't help yourself.

I was in similar shoes- we have what's called co-dependent personalities. It's hard to watch our children hurting but we end up hurting ourselves more in the long run. check out some info about codependency and let me know what you think. Take care of you! Blessings!


You can do all things thru Christ!

December 5, 2012, 3:53 am

What a difficult situation.  You will be in my prayers and thank you for sharing.