just frustrated

By: Peej92
Mood: Don't know
Date: Feb 03, 2013
Music: None

i asked my mom last night while talking to her on a break at work, "am i just so unhappy with myself that i project all this unhappiness onto everything in my life.?" her response, "well peej, it does get old hearing your sh*t all the time."

wow, i dont know, but maybe my boyfriend is right, maybe it is just so exhausting hearing my negative bullsh*t all the time. i try to be positive, i really do. i think i make some great advancements in that department. so how come this overwhelming feeling that everyone is just getting sick of my bullsh*t wont go away? i mean i cant help that these feelings and thoughts wont go away. it is what im stuck with everyday. how do you think it feels like being me.? you think its hard to have such a negative partner, daighter, sister anything. well how hard do you think it is to be me.?



From: Peej92
February 6, 2013, 2:41 pm

 thank you, and honestly i am up to try anything right now. i appreciate you offering to help me even though you really dont know me. i just have a hard time talking about myself and expressing how i feel without lieing, or putting on a happy false front. i dont want to be negative all the time, i really dont. but i feel like i have alot of negative thoughts and feelings running though me. at times my stomach is shaking so bad i feel like im going to go crazy. ugh.! i dont even know where to start.