life is good today

By: jjrocksarizona
Mood: Full of life
Date: Aug 02, 2013
Music: An Idea for you

dear friends and family, i actually received two replies to the blog i posted last. you have to remember that this is a we program not I. don't the first 11 steps begin with "we"? have you not heard that we will love you unconditionally until you can learn to love yourself? we come together to share our experience, strength and hope. yes this is also a selfish program. i am here for me. if by chance i say something you can put into your recovery tool box and use it someday then i have done what God has told me to do.

we fight this disease we suffer from on a 24/7 basis. I am an ADDICT and i always will be. you can never become recovered. i hear some people talk about how God has delivered them from their addiction. well if that is true then what in the hell are you doing in meetings? to share God or share recovery? there is no Magic Recovery wand that smacks you upside the head and all of a sudden your cured. THERE is no Freaking cure for addiction. it takes a lifelong desire and passion to stay clean for any length of time. whether that be one day or 20 years or more. i wish you all well in your journey. stay clean and be good to yourself.

NA hugs,



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