my first blog

By: troubel1
Mood: Other
Date: May 16, 2014
Music: None

Im just inbetween feelings a break up with my paramore my husbands in the hospital again for stroke and my not recover and im runnin around takein care of his mom him and the kids so how do i get that last burst of energy.......... to clean the house crack cocaine or crack and cocaineor coke nd weed liqour to settle me down lol not helping with my weight though lol but it has gotten worse with the dude i was seeing i had to let him go plus i was suppourting both our habits im soo f@cking depressed i can sleep the week away if i could but im here doing my wifely duties taking care of my mom in law but how do i find time to take care of me ? i know its horrible writeing but its just spilling out and its been a little over a week but as bad as he was be made copping easy lolno i loved him still love him for the season he was in my life it has passed but the memories still linger getting high with him was no fun empty arguements sleepless nights filled with tension are best left to die i wish i could figure out how to kill this addiction without killing me