need help/friend/someone who knows what I am....

By: everydaysastruggle
Mood: Angry
Date: Apr 29, 2013
Music: None

Well I finally came to terms that I am addict of pain pills. (after my 14yr old daughter brought it to my attention that I coudln't even take my 5yr old to his b-day party without stopping and getting some pills) so I left and went into detox. Came home after 2days, and finished detoxing when i got home. Well I got the methadone out of my system but it's like I can'tstop taking the other pain meds. If I stop the meds all together I have no evergy. I drink monsters like they are soda, and I have tryed the over the counter energy pills I can take a nap about 20min after I take them, I don't want to be dependent on pills, I just don't know what to do anymore.... Plese help I will try anything at this point.....