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"Today is the Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday"

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I am a survivor of child abuse. I am a survivor of a broken system that allowed a "rehabiliated" man to be reconciled to our home when I was a child & he abused me again. The only rehabiliation I know that has ever worked for me is research - motivating myself & trying to not do more damage to myself or those around me than what has been done to me. Taking all my negatives & turning them into something positive~

music - learning to play guitar - sewing - fishing - landscaping - gardening - outdoors - and pretty much anything of creative origin~

Child Abuse - Sexual Child Abusers & anyone who hurts or harms animals. Politics & all the problems we have that our leaders do nothing to fix of old broken laws & re-create new laws to help people who have been hurt.

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I haven't heard a song I do not like yet.

Self-help books

romantic comedies or movies based upon biographies & dramas

Anything with creativity or nature involved - I enjoy greatly.

June 30, 2013, 11:25 pm
I have sought many support groups in my life for many other obstacles I have been challenged to face & try to overcome. I have Bipolar - PTSD & grand mal or generalized tonic clonic seizures
as the doctors call it. I am a survivor of
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