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Created: Apr 17, 2008
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nutn2fear ( OFFLINE )
Recovering addicts dealing with chronic illness

Recovery does not guarantee us freedom from living life on lifes terms. In Narcotics Anonymous we can learn to accept the reality of life, which sometimes brings us illness or injury. Weve learned in NA that we can apply spiritual principles to help us get through these difficult times. When we admit that we are powerless, we can accept our illness and any necessary medical treatment. It may help to admit that we are also powerless over the feelings we experience when we are ill. Illness or injury is stressful, and stress can place us at risk of relapse. Often, we need the NA program even more when we are faced with illness. We can prepare ourselves for these stressful times by doing our best each day to lay a strong foundation in recovery. The steps we take today will serve us well when we need them. Coming to terms with illness is a process. It is a process in which we often experience denial, bargaining, anger, grief, surrender, and acceptance. However, its comforting to realize that these stages are a normal part of this process. Acceptance of something does not necessarily mean we like itwe can dislike something and still accept it. In Times of Illness This is NA Fellowship-approved literature. Copyright 1992 by Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.




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