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Created: Mar 21, 2008
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Dealing with a disorder & a disease?

Are you diagnosed with a mental health disorder, as well as having the disease of addiction? Then you'll be in the right place. Even if you have not been diagnosed with a disorder & think you may have one, or are experiencing depression or anxiety, please stay. There may be some way that we can help!
I am a firm believer that most of the time there was a pre-existing mental health disorder before alot of us ever picked up that 1st drink, or caught that 1st buzz. At times, our disorders did not kick in until afterwards, or later on.
For me, & with my childhood experiences, I was happy when I got drunk the 1st time, & even happier when I got high. When I found PCP, I was in love then....I didn't have to think about anything, period.
At 36, I was re-diagnosed & put on medication for Major Depressive Disorder. Between treatment & the total decision to stay clean & sober, I have remained clean & sober.
In order for it all to work, if you are dually-diagnosed, both your disorder & your disease HAVE to be treated at the same time or eventually one will off-set the other & things will slide backwards.
**I am a non-practicing Addictions Counselor with mental health experience, as well as dually-diagnosed. You cannot do alone what we may be able to do
PLEASE NOTE: Some Topic items are from the Dual-Recovery Anonymous site, located at: http://draonline.org/index.html



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