What is AddictionTribe?

AddictionTribe is an online support community designed to connect individuals that are affected by Addiction. Members enjoy a variety of features including:


Note: For best results, we recommend our members use the latest version of Internet browser. Click here to download the latest version: Internet Explorer -OR-  Firefox





How do I view my profile page?

All member features can be accessed from the My Account section of the site. To access your profile page go to My Account / My Page.


How do I design my profile page?

You can access the Profile Design feature in My Account / Settings / Design My Profile or, select [Profile Design] directly from your profile page. The Profile Design feature makes it easy create elaborate customizations. Preview your profile as you design and save as many design "themes" as you want. NOTE: Don't forget to select [SAVE THEME] before you exit the page. ENJOY!


How do I change my profile picture?

You can easily change your profile picture in My Account / Main / under Account Info. Select [Change Pic] below your current picture. Or, go to: My Account / Settings / Profile Picture.

How do I upload photos to my gallery?

You can upload photos to your gallery directly from your profile page by hitting the "submit" link below the gallery section. Or, go to: My Account / Submit Items / Upload Picture.


Why can't I see my new profile picture or gallery photo?

It may take a few minutes for a newly uploaded photo to show on your profile page. It may be necessary to refresh your Internet browser or empty your cache file.
How do I change or create the info on my profile page?
You can easily access your profile information directly from your profile page. Select [Edit Profile] from the top of your page. Or, go to: My Account / Settings / Profile Settings.

How do I read / manage my guestbook comments?

When another tribe member signs your guestbook the comment will show up in the comment section at the bottom of your profile page. To delete a comment select [Delete] in the desired comment box. Or, go to: My Account / Messages / Message Center / Comments to view list of all your comments.




How do I check my personal messages?

You can access all your messages including tribe vibes and comments by going to My Account / Messages / and view your Message Center. You can also quickly check to see if you have any new messages in My Account / Main / to view your Messages.


How do I send another member a friend request, message or tribe vibe?

It's easy to send another member a friend request, personal message or tribe vibe. Start at the desired members personal profile page. You can select [Add to Friends], [Send Message] or [Send Tribe Vibe] from the member's profile page.


What is a tribe vibe?

A tribe vibe is a messaging feature accompanied with an inspirational quote and animated "tribe vibe" picture. You can choose to send a message directly or require the recipient to guess! Send a member a tribe vibe directly from their profile page.

How do I leave a member a comment on their page? 

To leave a member a comment you will sign their guestbook. Go to the desired members profile page, scroll down and look for a box that says "SIGN MY GUESTBOOK" Type your comment in the box and select [Submit Comment]. The member will then receive a notification that they have a new comment.


How do I change my email on file?

You can access all your personal information including email, password, location, birthday and email notifications in My Account / Settings / Account Settings. Make the desired change and select [Save Account Settings].
How do I change my email notification settings?

You can easily manage what type of emails you receive as a tribe member. Go to: My Account / Settings / Account Settings / and view Email Notifications. Select what type of notifications you would like to receive then select [Save Account Settings].




How do I manage my friends list?

To view your friends list go to: My Account / Friends / View by: Pics & Info. If you would like to delete a friend you can do so here by selecting [Delete] below the desired profile picture.


How do I accept/delete a friend request?

When you have a friend request you will see a new link in your message center. Go to: My Account / view your Message Center / Click on the New Friend Request Link / Select [Accept] or [Decline].


What is the Bulletin Board?

The bulletin board is a place to post a message that only your friends see. Your friends will see the bulletin when they login and go to My Account / Main. To post, edit or view a bulletin go to: My Account / Bulletin / Board Center




How do I write a blog?

To write a blog go to: My Account / Submit Item / Write Blog.

Once your blog is created it will appear on your profile page in the My Blogs section.

How do I edit or delete a blog? 

To edit or delete your blog go to: My Account / My Items / Edit Blogs. To edit, select the blog by title, edit as desired, select [Submit Blog]. To delete, select the red X next to the blog title. You can also access your blogs directly from your profile page in the My Blogs section.


How do I create a poll?

To post a poll simply go to: My Account / Submit Item / Create Poll.

Or go to Poll / Create New Poll. Once your poll is created it will appear in the poll section of the site and in random order on the members, home page.


How do I edit or delete a poll? 

To edit or delete your poll go to: My Account / My Items / Edit Polls. To edit, select the poll by title, edit as desired, select [Update Poll]. To delete, select the red X next to the poll title. You can also manage your polls from the poll section of the website. Go to: Poll / Edit My Polls


How do I post a forum?

To post a forum go to: Forum / select the appropriate forum topic / Post Topic. Your posting will appear in the forum section of the site, as well as on the members' homepage. If a member posts a reply, you will receive a comment alert in your message center.


How do I edit or delete a forum? 

To edit or delete your forum, locate your forum post in the Forum section. Select [Edit] or [Delete] from the upper right hand corner of your post.




What is a group?

Groups are a subset of members that have a common interest. Each group has its own Shoutbox, Photo gallery and Forum topics.


How do I join a group?

To find a group that suits your interests go to / Groups / select a group category or [View All] groups. Once you have found a group you'd like to join, select the group title to see the group page. Each public group has a "Join Group" button on the top left corner of their page.


How do I remove myself from a group?

To manage your group memberships go to: Groups / My Groups / and select [Delete] below the desired group image.
How do I create a group?

To create a group go to: Groups / Create A Group. A tip for creating a successful group – add images, invite your friends and plan times to meet online using your group Shoutbox.
How do I invite members to my group?

First make sure the group leader has selected the feature "Members Can Invite." To invite your friends to join your favorite group, go to the groups homepage: Groups / Select Group by Title. At the top of the page above the group title select [Invite Others] where you will be given a list of your friends to select from.


How do I cancel a group?

You must be the group creator in order to cancel a group. To cancel a group, go to the group homepage, select [Edit Group] from the top of the page, then select [Cancel This Group] from the bottom of the page.


Do you have privacy settings? What are the options?

We understand that privacy can be important. We want you to have the option to share your information with exactly the people you want to see it. You can set who can see your profile page, or a limited version of your profile. You can also limit comments to friends only, while allowing all to see your profile and blogs. Or, if you prefer, you can block an individual member.
How do I manage my privacy settings?

To set your privacy controls go to: My Account / Settings / Privacy Settings.




How do I report abuse?

If you believe a member is using the tribe to solicit, spam, or is acting inappropriately, please report them as abuse. If you receive a message in your inbox that you believe to be abuse, select the [Report Abuse] option below the message. Or, if there are additional circumstances click to Contact Us directly.



If you think you think you or a tribe member may have a medical emergency please call your doctor or 911 immediately.


If you or a fellow tribe member is feeling hopeless, suicidal, or simply in need of speaking with someone, there are numerous free and anonymous hotlines with trained operators available. Click to view additional resources including a Crisis Helpline.




How do I report a high score?


Enjoy our Games selection of over 600 games. Browse by category or search for your favorite title. Select the game to play. Once you have played, report your high score by selecting [Report High Score] at the bottom of the game.


How do I add a video, music or animation to my profile page?


For more detailed instructions on enhancing your profile page go to the Media section of the site. Have Fun!




What is Tribe IM?

Tribe IM allows you to chat with tribe members on your friend list one-to-one through instant messaging.


How come I don't have Tribe IM?

If you are experiencing problems with Tribe IM, you may need to upgrade your browser.


How do I start a conversation with someone using Tribe IM?

You can see which friends are online by clicking the Online Friends tab at the bottom right of any page. A green dot will appear next to a friend who is online and available to IM. Double click on the friend to start a conversation.


To send a message, simply type your text and then press "Enter" or "Return" on your computer keyboard. Please note you can only chat with your confirmed friends using Tribe IM.


How do I turn on/off Tribe IM sound?

Every time a new message is sent to you, you will receive a notification sound. To toggle this option, open the Online Status tab in bottom right of any page and click on: Turn sound on OR Turn sound off


How do I create a smiley and other emoticons in Tribe IM?

To add emoticons, type the following characters into your message:



How do I go offline in Tribe IM?

You stop receiving Tribe IM messages by going offline. To do so, click the Online Status tab in the bottom right of any page. Click "Go Offline" to stop receiving chat messages. You will not appear in any of your friends "Online Friends" section and your friends cannot message you. Clicking "Go Online" will allow your friends to contact you again and see that you are online in Tribe IM.


How do I delete or look through my Tribe IM history? Is it saved permanently?

You can view recent conversation history by opening a chat window with your friend. To clear your Tribe IM history, click the "Clear History" link at the top of your IM window. While message history is saved from page to page, and if you close the IM window, it will not be saved if you log out.


Can I chat with more than one person in the same conversation?

At this time you can only chat with friends on a one-to-one basis. If you are interested in having a conversation with more than one person you can use the chat room by clicking on the chat link at the top of any page.